About Us

Alpha One Communications is a design firm founded on the belief that non-profits deserve high quality, affordable services; while working as the communications department for Alpha One, a center for independent living.

Our hope is to educate and empower the community about the ways good design and clear communications can help it more effectively reach its goals. As we ourselves grew out of the Independent Living Movement, we are also very mindful of designing our websites around ADA & Section 508 guidelines and making sure all the products we produce are accessible to the broadest community possible.

Our team has many years of experience working across a broad field of design:

Marketing Director John Nunan

jnunan bio pic

Born in London England at the height of the swinging 60’s, John was “infected” with creativity at an early age. He has spent the past 25 years in marketing, and hopes to be able to spend the next 25 years doing the same. A steady supply of Marmite, crumpets, and PG Tips tea keep him ticking. An avid drummer who still plays in a number of musical projects, John believes that rhythm powers everything.
Senior Designer Justin Alves

justin alves pic

Justin Alves was born in Rhode Island and moved to Portland, ME to pursue an education and career in design and illustration. Brooches, Toast, Weeble Wobbles, Bears, Wombats, Bykes, Beards, Bow Ties, Social Media, Bette Davis, Dancing, and Princely things are all part of his interests.

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing ways in which we can help you clarify your message and reach your audience all while keeping your costs affordable.