About Payroll Services

The Payroll Assistance Consumers Need

Attendant Services was established in 1989 and annually provides payroll and bookkeeping services to more than 600 consumers who directly employ more than 1,700 personal care attendants.

Consumer-directed Personal Assistance Services are at the core of many of Alpha One’s services and have been the springboard for the development of Attendant Services. The State of Maine, largely because of Alpha One’s advocacy, has been a pioneer in home-based care and consumer directed-personal assistance services. In 1978 Alpha One created the enabling legislation for Maine’s Home Based Care Act, then collaborated with the Area Agencies on Aging and the State Bureau of Rehabilitation to set the program’s operating policies. Begun as a pilot demonstration program then expanded into a fully implemented state-wide contracted program, with the initiation of the Home Based Care Program (HBC), Alpha One built an infrastructure to provide the skillbuilding, peer support, payroll and other supportive services that consumers needed to utilize CD-PAS. In 1987 Alpha One won approval from the Maine Legislature to add a $1,000 benefit stipend and a pay increase for consumer-directed payment of personal assistant benefits; At the time, this policy was unique in the country. Alpha One continues to promote, administer, and help to continuously reshape the Home-based Care Program to ensure that it remains responsive to the changing needs of consumers.

Alpha One used its experience with the Home Based Care Program to promote and help develop a model Medicaid Waiver program for CD-PAS consumers in Maine. In 1989 Maine was one of the first states in the nation to receive a Medicaid waiver for CD-PAS. In 1995 Maine included CD-PAS in its regular Medicaid program.

In 1989, with the Medicaid waiver, Alpha One consolidated its CD-PAS services into a wholly-owned subsidiary, Attendant Services. Alpha One recognized the need for a sole entity to provide CD-PAS payroll services, particularly in light of federal reporting requirements, such as I-9 reporting, and worker’s compensation issues. Attendant Services grew steadily and refined its services. The company began using a paper accounting system and soon moved to an automated system. The company expanded to provide direct deposits and bills Medicaid electronically. W-2 forms are also filed electronically.

Today Alpha One manages three distinct CD-PAS programs: the Maine Medicaid Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services Program for consumers over 18 with significant physical disabilities who meet Medicaid and financial and clinical eligibility but are not nursing home eligible; Home Based Care (HBC) Physically Disabled Program for individuals over 18 who are at risk of nursing home care or other institutionalization and financially eligible based on a state formula; and the Medical Physically Disabled Waiver Program for those over 18 with significant physical disabilities who are financially and clinically Medicaid eligible. The three programs, implemented statewide, each follow the core concepts of consumerism and self-management. Alpha One markets CD-PAS programs to people with disabilities statewide and explains the programs to consumers, professionals and the general public as part of the organization’s outreach presentations.

Organizations across the United States have adopted Alpha One’s model for CD-PAS services and regularly seek technical assistance from Alpha One and Attendant Services to establish and improve their services.