Annual Report

Developing this annual report has been a rewarding exercise. Taking time to reflect on Alpha One’s organizational goals achieved last year has been truly energizing when I see all that was accomplished. An interesting theme has emerged in this process: achieving our goals was linked to effective partnerships. We found partners with common goals and worked together to get the job done.

These partners include the Maine State Employees Association who were invaluable in passing LD 1991 which gave personal attendants their first pay raise in eight years; the Department of Economic and Community Development and the Department of Housing and Urban Development who made it possible for Alpha One to establish our “Critical Access” project enabling Alpha One to shorten the wait for ramps and other home adaptations from months to 10 to 14 days; the Maine State Independent Living Council, the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council and Maine Emergency Management Agency with whom we have worked on emergency preparedness for people with disabilities; the Disability Rights Center with whom we collaborated on getting out the disability vote; with the Maine
Housing Authority to continue adapting consumer homes and this year offering two consumer trainings on buying your own home through its Homeworks
program. Our thanks and appreciation goes out to these organizations and the many others not mentioned. Their support and participation has made a
difference in the lives of many people with disabilities. We look forward to working with them now and in the future.

I also want to acknowledge two other groups of partners that have made Alpha One’s year a successful one. The Alpha One boards of directors have been wonderfully supportive and have participated in many ways. Thank you all. And last but far from least the employees of Alpha One deserve recognition for the incredible work they do every day. They are hard working, resourceful, creative and always professional. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to Alpha One and more importantly to Maine people with disabilities.