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Texas man creates affordable prosthetics
The World Health Organization estimates more than 35 million people in the world have a disability and are in need of prosthetics, but often times they can't afford them. That's why one Johnson City man and his business partner developed a way to make low-cost artificial limbs, giving hope to those who can't afford to walk.
This Bionic Suit May Be the Future of Prosthetics
Doctors told Amanda Boxtel that she would never walk again after a tragic skiing accident left her paralyzed from the waist down. But 22 years after she lost use of her legs, Boxtel can now stand and walk with the aid of a robotic exoskeleton.
First prosthetic hand that can change grip with gestures
A nine-year-old boy, born with his right arm missing from the elbow, can build Lego, eat with a knife and fork and pull up his trousers for the first time thanks to a new bionic hand.

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Texas man creates affordable prosthetics
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