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Brain Therapy Triggers Recovery From Spinal Cord Injury
Scientists and engineers led by Duke University neuroscientist Miguel A. Nicolelis report that a group of spinal-cord-injury patients who trained to walk using a brain computer interface (BCI) in combination with an Occulus Rift virtual reality device and with a robotic exoskeleton have regained the ability to voluntarily move their leg muscles and to feel touch and pain in their paralyzed limbs.
Robotic Onesie Assists Babies at Risk for Cerebral Palsy
It's not everyday that you see a six-month-old zipping across the floor on a motorized skateboard. Unless you are at the University of Oklahoma, that is. There, a team of biomedical engineers and physical therapists have developed a motorized device to help infants at risk for cerebral palsy develop motor and cognitive skills.
The Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm Launches This Year
The mind-controlled LUKE bionic arm will be rolled out by the end of the year. Wearers can control the prosthetic limb, which presents a drastic upgrade to current basic offerings, by tensing or flexing their arm.

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