Telling Our Story

At our all staff event during Spring 2012, we discussed ways to help us stay connected with our consumers and with the community in general. Raising Alpha One’s profile helps us in numerous ways, such as when service providers like us are targeted for state cuts, we won’t have to educate legislators as to what we do. Several great ideas came up for this. One was to let our consumers tell their story, and in turn have them tell ours.

It has long been our plan to use video, most recently to explain the benefits of the Homeward Bound program. We show consumers in the nursing home, before they begin this program, and then after, once they have returned to the community. What better way to illustrate the benefits of this program than by seeing it in action, using the voice of the people it impacts the most.

The first few interviews have been filmed and are currently being edited down. Once completed, they will be uploaded to our YouTube channel to act as an ongoing resource to both consumers and staff. All our videos are fully captioned. YouTube also now offers a “Translate” option. While not perfect, this definitely will help us to reach out to our non-English speaking consumers, of which we have a growing number.

Our hope is to film a couple consumer videos per month, ultimately looking to create a cross section of disability, economic, and cultural stories. If you have consumers that you think would be good candidates, please  let us know.

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