2013 Maine Disability Survey

ME_SILC_revised_2013Alpha One and Maine SILC are putting together The 2013 Maine Disability Survey and we need your participation.


There are approximately 200,000 people with disabilities living in Maine and we would like to reach them all. Help us spread the word. Fill in the survey and then share this with as many people as you can through Facebook, Twitter, blogs, text, Youtube, etc. to help us reach our goal. 


This could be the beginning of significant change in Maine, and you could be a part of it.


We want to create an accurate map of the aspirations & unmet needs of people living with disabilities in our state. It has been years since any similar statewide survey was done.


We will compile the information we receive to create a State Plan for Independent Living which includes independent living goals and objectives, outreach plans, and funding priorities. We will share this information with legislators, other disability agencies, town planners, and anyone else who cares to listen and has a willingness to make change when needed. 


How can you help? If you are a person with a disability – participate! Visit MaineSILC.org to fill out the survey and give us a snapshot of your life, your needs, and how things could be improved. If you don’t have a disability, you probably know someone that does – we all do – a friend, parent, sibling, co-worker. Share this survey and give them a chance to be counted!


Participate. Share. Be Counted.

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