Deaf Services Program

Alpha One offers specific assistance and advocacy for those who are deaf, hard of hearing and use sign language. The Deaf Services Program helps by providing information and instructions on how to access and use the community. An Independent Living Specialist meets with the consumer for a comprehensive evaluation of the consumer's needs, goals, and desire to live successfully in the community.

  • Instruction and counsel for individuals and groups
  • Community education
  • Referral to community services
  • Adaptive equipment evaluation and information
  • Communication support
  • Peer support

The NOTYET Program
A collaboration between Alpha One and the University of Southern Maine

What it is: 
The NOTYET Program is part of the University of Southern Maine's ASL/English Interpreting Program. It is a one-credit course, first offered in the fall semester of 2005. The course is taught by Lisa Rouelle and John Dunleavy, in consultation with Brenda Schertz. NOTYET Program participants are student interpreters and Deaf consumers who act as mentors to those students.

What it isn't:
The NOTYET Program is NOT intended to in any way to provide a substitute for paid professional interpreters, where these would ordinarily be required. It is also NOT a general referral service.


Course participants work in teams that consist of at least one student interpreter *and* at least one Deaf consumer/mentor. All assignments must be approved by the instructors.

Making a Request:
Anyone may request a NOTYET interpreter team by sending complete information for an event to notyet (at) deafmaine (dot) com.

Required information includes:

  • the event name, location, date, time and duration
  • a description of the event, including the number of people
  • the name and contact information of the person making the request
  • the name and contact information of the person responsible for the event
  • the type of interpretation requested
  • any other information that will help the interpreting team prepare for that event 

There is no guarantee that any event will be covered. 

How to Join - Students:
Student interpreters enroll in this course at the University of Southern Maine. They are charged the customary tuition and other University fees. The prerequisite for this course is LIN 331 or ASL 401, plus approval by the instructors.

Click for Student Application (63kb DOC)

How to Join - Mentors:
Deaf mentors are Signing Deaf adults. There is no fee required of them. However, they are accepted only after an interview with the instructors. Send email to notyet (at) deafmaine (dot) com telling us who you are and why you want to join the program. We can schedule live or videophone interviews by request.

Click for Mentor Application (56kb DOC)

For More Information
Contact Lisa Rouelle or John Dunleavy at:

Alpha One
127 Main Street
South Portland, ME 04106
207-767-2189 V/T
207-799-8346 FAX