Home Buyers Classes

Learn what you need to know to become a homeowner. These are the classes required by some loan programs such as First Time Homebuyer. A Homebuyer Education Class is an easy and inexpensive way to learn how to make smart decisions when buying your home. Get all your questions answered by an expert as you learn how to shop for a loan, qualify for lower rates, budget for monthly payments and unexpected expenses, and more. Homeowners who have taken the class say they felt much more confident at every step of the homebuying process as a result.

Homebuyers applying for the Maine Assist program are required to take a hoMEworks-approved Homebuyer Education Class, but anyone thinking of buying a home can benefit from taking the class. For more information, contact your local Alpha One office to sign up for classes in your area.

For more information on future class call or email Gary at 1-800 300-6016, gmclaughlin@alphaonenow.org  

For more information about MSHA, visit www.mainehousing.org

Tips on buying your own home, from H.U.D, visit http://www.hud.gov/buying/index.cfm