Alpha One Founder

Alpha One Founder -Steven Charles Tremblay Steven Charles Tremblay was born in Waterville, Maine on December 18, 1949.

While he was a student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1971 he was injured in a fall that resulted in a spinal cord injury at the C7-T1 cervical level. Upon discharge, he returned to live with his parents in Waterville for three years. In 1975 he was hired by the New England Spinal Cord Injury Foundation as its Maine Resource Coordinator.

Three years later, in 1978 he founded Alpha One, Adaptive Living for Physically Handicapped Americans. Under Steve’s leadership Alpha One became recognized as one of the premier independent living centers in the USA. Over the course of 25 years Steven promoted consumer control and choice for people with disabilities in all aspects of their lives. He fought discrimination based on disability and worked tirelessly to level the playing field for all Maine citizens.

From the early days he recognized the need to diversify funding streams in order to avoid reliance on state and federal funding. With an entrepreneurial approach unusual in the non-profit community, Alpha One became known for innovation and creative solutions for Independent Living. As a result Alpha One developed a wide array of programs and services with diversified funding sources including federal and state funding as well as fee based programs, philanthropic grants, and private sector contracts.

Steve retired in 2005 due to a prolonged illness after serving for 25 years as its founder, CEO and President. His legacy is a simple one: Steven reached out to people with disabilities who needed a helping hand to get back on their feet to regain their independence and to restore their quality of life.

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