ECVs available for Orlando vacation rentals

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These Electronic Convenience Vehicles (ECVs) include the completely foldable Distinction SUV ("Survival Utility Vehicle"), Scooter Vacations' most popular rental.

Scooter Vacations selected the models in its Orlando mobility scooter rental fleet line-up for their luxury, spaciousness and sporty look and feel, as well as their design efficiency and quality construction. While the Distinction SUV rapidly and easily folds up to fit into a compact rental car trunk or cruise ship stateroom, Scooter Vacations selected its economy rental Discovery SUV and Diplomat SUV for riders up to 350 pounds for their ability to quickly disassemble for transport and intuitively reassemble. With these three options, all travelers can now choose to "scoot" through their Orlando visits - whether for leisure or business.

Scooter Vacations' rental scooters are welcomed at all Orlando-area attractions. The company encourages vacationers interested in renting a luxury Scooter Vacations ECV to contact their travel agent or resort concierge, or to visit their Orlando rental website at

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