The Maine Resilience project

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Alpha One is a Maine nonprofit organization promoting independent living for all citizens in all communities. The organization engages in activities that empower individuals living with a disability - allowing them choices to make positive life changes and it will provide resources to facilitate those choices. Alpha One will lead by example - hiring disabled persons in all areas of their business to bring unique abilities, experiences and diversity to the organization, and encourage the same commitment in other businesses and communities. As part of Alpha One?ɬ?Ǭ?ɬ?Ǭs mission, it has undertaken the Maine Resilience project, as described below.

Maine Resilience goals are to:

?Ǭ Assist citizens of Maine in building resilience, readiness and response techniques needed to bounce back from tragedy - whether a national disaster, or a personal one.

?Ǭ Train people with disabilities to utilize their untapped resilience skills to become trainers/coaches for Maine Resilience and conduct workshops to teach others the techniques needed to adapt in the face of disaster, and in the ups and downs of daily living.

?Ǭ Recruit first responder professionals - fire fighters, police, EMT?ɬ?Ǭ?ɬ?Ǭs, Red Cross personnel and other community leaders having resiliency skills, to be trained by Maine Resilience as trainers/coaches who will then conduct resiliency workshops for Maine businesses and the public.

?Ǭ Invest in the citizenry of Maine to create a more effective and resilient response to crises. Both disabled people, and society as a whole, will benefit together by increasing resilience in communities.

?Ǭ Teach participants to overcome adversity more quickly. Benefits include improved morale, decreased medical problems, better mental health, less sick time used, fewer accidents, better team spirit and cooperation, more rapport and relationships among co-workers and community members.

?Ǭ Use story-telling to bring across the techniques of resiliency ?Ǭ permission has been gained, and use donated, for locally authored books, Reaching Home, and Duct Tape Isn?Ǭt Enough, the readers and coaches guide to Reaching Home, to aide individuals and groups as they learn and teach the concepts and skills involved in resilience.

?Ǭ Organize and conduct Train-the-Trainer workshops in the Portland and Bangor areas. Resilience Trainers/Coaches recruited will be disabled persons, emergency first responder personnel, and other community leaders. They will be compensated for their coaching time and expertise.

?Ǭ Resiliency expert, Ronald Breazeale, Ph.D, will coach trainers in on-going training sessions. Dr. Breazeale has over 30 years in the fields of psychology and educational services. He is a practicing clinical psychologist and training consultant, and a published author. Dr. Breazeale is the founder and past executive director for Psychological and Educational Services, one of the largest independent group mental health practices in northern New England. He is currently the American Psychological Association?ɬ?Ǭ?ɬ?Ǭs Public Education Coordinator in Maine, and is the founder and executive director of the professional and peer life skills coaching program Dr. Breazeale is a past president of the Maine Psychological Association, and has served on their Council of Representatives.

?Ǭ Schedule conferences and mini-workshops with Maine businesses and community groups to provide resilience training workshops with continuing access to follow-up support sessions. A strong focus will be on partnering with local businesses and other Maine organizations for employee and citizen training.

?Ǭ Coordinate the program with existing efforts, materials and information offered and sanctioned by the American Psychological Association on resilience.

?Ǭ Obtain sponsorships, partnerships and continuing project support from corporations, organizations, and foundations created on ideals in-line with the mission of Alpha One.

?Ǭ Offer future components of Maine Resilience training tailored for: 1) schools, focusing on all grade levels; 2) pinpointing specific resiliency issues in time of war for Maine citizens; and 3) supporting Maine?ɬ?Ǭ?ɬ?Ǭs war veterans and their families upon returning home.

?Ǭ Secure Continuing Education credits for attendees participating in future Maine Resilience training sessions.

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