Wheelchair Lift With Retractable Hidden Steps For Old Buildings

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Many buildings have struggled to provide a means of access to their property for wheelchair users and ensure access for all. Sesame from Allgood Trio is a new innovative system that solves this issue by ensuring access for all whilst providing a discreet and aesthetically pleasing solution for the building.

Technologically advanced, the Sesame system from Allgood Trio is tailored to each individual entrance. The secret to the system is the way that the retractable stair lift platform is installed beneath the existing stairs, utilising the stairs in the process. This then means that when not in use, the Sesame system cannot be seen and the aesthetic of the building is not unduly affected. Once activated, the system retracts the existing stairs to reveal the lift which can be programmed to work automatically or at the touch of a button.

The result is a concealed stair lift that is easy to use, retains the existing aesthetic of the building whilst not taking up space when not in use.


Allgood Sesame steps Video from Allgood plc on Vimeo.

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