Maine Developmental Council Awards Grant For Virtual Community Development

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Portland, ME. (7/8/14) – Alpha One is pleased to announce it has received a one year $10,000 grant from the Maine Developmental Disabilities Council. These funds will support innovative approaches to developmental disabilities advocacy.

The goal of this project is a feasibility study towards building a multi-layered, self-directed virtual community for individuals and their families who are part of the Autism Spectrum. The project will provide information exchange and referral, peer connection, skills development and training, community and self-advocacy resources, social connectivity, networking, and entertainment. The virtual community aims to be a practical statewide platform for enhanced self-advocacy for those experiencing the Autism Spectrum.

“Alpha One is thrilled to be selected for this grant by Maine Developmental Disabilities Council,” says Dennis Fitzgibbons, Alpha One Executive Director. “One of our core functions here has always been peer group development, networking communities to share insights and resources. Our peer lead is also a person on the Autism spectrum and has already contributed invaluable insight and experience to this project.”

Maine Developmental Disabilities Council (MDDC) awards annual grants through a competitive application and review process. MDDC is a partnership of people with disabilities, their families, and public and governmental agencies. It promotes and advocates for equal opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities to participate in every aspect of community life. The Council has a vision that all people are included, supported, and valued in communities that offer them opportunities to participate and succeed as they choose.

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