JCPenney Featuring Real People Mannequins In Their Store Windows

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JCPenney Mannequins

Customers certainly aren’t all the same shape and size, so doesn’t it make sense that the mannequins shouldn’t be uniform clones of each other as well?

Recently, we’ve seen stores becoming more inclusive to different body shapes. A designer bridal boutique carries speciality sizes and J. Crew is expanding into smaller sizes (for better, or for worse). JCPenney is now promoting a more inclusive, positive body image. Instead of the typical one-sized plastic models, the retailer is displaying five mannequins with different body shapes in the window of their Manhattan Mall store as part of their “When it fits you feel it” campaign.

The mannequins were designed as part of the The Today Show’s #LoveYourSelfie campaign, which encourages greater acceptance of all body types. The five mannequins are based around real people, including: Dawna Callahan, who uses a wheelchair; Ricardo Gil, who has dwarfism; Desiree Hunter, a 6-foot-1½-inch college basketball player; Beth Ridgeway, who is plus-size, and Neil Duncan, a former Army paratrooper who lost parts of both of his legs in Afghanistan.The mannequins are showcased with the person’s name and description. They will be displayed at JCPenney’s Manhattan store until the end of August.

It’s nice to see that they selected inspirational people and a range of body types. Hopefully this isn’t just a one time thing, and they will regularly start featuring a range of different mannequins, in all of their stores. Normally I don’t promote copying, but I think this is a great idea that other stores can get inspired by too.

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