Blind Hiker Climbs Katahdin

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Mt. Katahdin, ME -- Lynn Merrill always wanted to climb Katahdin but says that "life got in the way." After raising a family and losing her vision, the 57 year old finally made her dream come true.

Along with her guide dog LIbby, her son Joseph and Chris Eastwood of the Fidelco Guide Dog service, Lynn climbed Maine's highest peak.

"We're doing it, LIbby!" she repeated along the trail.

At the top of Katahdin she said, "If you lose your vision they say 'have a nice life." You kind of have to figure out what resources there are out there through the Division of the Blind and visually impaired of the state, but it's not what you would expect and you have to learn significant life functions and sometimes if you don't know about those resources you have to go digging to find out they help you with mobility motivation in living independently. You have to develop on your own, develop your courage on your own and realize you can do anything. 


Lynn told NEWS CENTER that she wants to be thought of not as blind, but competent and confident. Her climb of Katahdin helps prove that and because of her use of touch, and hearing it is fair to say Lynn Merrill saw more on top of Katahdin than any of us.

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