The Gift of Independence

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Bill Bouffard at the wheel of his accessible vehicle

Bill Bouffard's life changed 35 years ago when he became a C6 quadriplegic after being injured in a motorcycle accident.

"I have been a consumer of Alpha One since then and my experience has been fruitful and pretty amazing at times.

Alpha One introduced me to the HBC program which lets me hire and manage my own personal attendants and enables me to live independently, but one of the most important things for me was getting a driver evaluation, taking my driver's test, and then getting my license.

Unless you live in one of the big cities in Maine where public transport exists, you are going to be driving to work. Driving is employment is living! Once I was able to get my license, it opened the door to finding gainful employment. I now have been employed at the same company for 31 years and am active in the community, participating in sports and recreation, traveling both in and out of the country and owning my own home. Getting my license was hugely important in that, especially in a rural state such as Maine, and I am forever grateful to Alpha One for that."

For nearly 40 years, Alpha One has provided essential independent living services to thousands of people across Maine with intellectual or physical disabilities, like Bill. From redesigning and refitting homes, to teaching self-care and advocacy, to helping individuals prepare for employment, Alpha One will partner with more than 6,000 Mainers this year on their road to the independence so many
of us take for granted.

This spring, won't you give the gift of independence and help us make possible thousands more success stories like Bill's? All funds stay in Maine and 90 cents of every dollar is invested directly into programming.

Thank you for your generosity.





Dennis Fitzgibbons
President and Chief Executive Officer

P.S. Make your tax deductible gift securely online now.

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