When a disaster is imminent:

Everyone hopes that natural or man-made disasters will never happen, but we all know that they will; nor’easters, ice storms, major rain/flooding, wind, and terrorism are all part of life today. The importance of being prepared for such disasters can never be understated, especially as it relates to people with disabilities.

Emergency preparedness for people with a disability has two main objectives:

  • to make sure that the special needs of
    people with disabilities are adequately
    addressed in order to minimize the adverse
    impact on people with disabilities.
  • to ensure that people with disabilities are included in the emergency planning process in order to provide special insight into their needs.

Alpha One, in conjunction with the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency, has been proactive in this area by developing two documents to be used by people with disabilities who currently live in Cumberland County and are not in assisted living facilities, to plan for their safety and comfort in an emergency.

In a major disaster everyone has a choice to either stay in their home or relocate to a shelter established by a private or governmental agency. This is not an easy choice, especially if you are a person with a disability. Whether you choose to stay or go, there are many items you will need to have with you to ensure your safety and comfort during and after the disaster.

Alpha One has developed two lists that can be used by a person with a disability to plan their needs should a disaster occur.

  • The second is called Go Bag, and provides a checklist of items you should have in a bag or container that is readily available to take with you to a shelter. (Click here to go to this list.)

Your outcome in any disaster is directly related to how well you prepare for a disaster and the actions you take during and after the disaster.

It is the hope of Alpha One and Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency that the information provided here will be beneficial to you in preparing for any disaster.

Note: Funding for this program was provided by U.S. Department of Homeland Security Grant Program through Maine Emergency Management Agency and the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency