Adaptive Driving

Personal transportation is key to independence. Alpha One's Adaptive Driver Evaluation Program was founded in 1980 and is the oldest driver evaluation program in the State of Maine.

Our driver evaluation program is designed to help people resume driving following a disability or to help young adults with developmental disabilities start driving. The intent of our driver evaluation is to help people maintain their independence or develop strategies for independent driving.

Our evaluators are dually licensed as Occupational Therapists and Driver Educators in the State of Maine. The evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment of visual, physical, and cognitive skills, as well as an in-vehicle assessment conducted in Alpha One’s adapted vehicle. Recommendations for adaptive driving equipment, further training, and teaching strategies are included as part of the evaluation.

Alpha One's driver evaluation is a fee for service on an hourly basis. All driver evaluations are conducted in our South Portland, Maine office. Vocational Rehabilitation, Worker's Compensation, and the Veteran's Administration are all referring organizations. Download 2017 Application Forms and Driver Introduction Pack

Consumers interested in participating in a driver's evaluation may start the process by completing the on line application, or by calling 1-800-640-7200 V/TTY or 207-767-2189.

Questions about the process can also be directed to the appropriate staff by emailing: