Participant Directed

Participant Directed Services

In most cases, being able to live in the community is the most empowering, as well as cost-effective life pattern for an individual with a disability. A critical element in achieving that independence within the community can be utilizing the services of a personal assistant to assist with various activities of daily living.

Unlike other service models, such as home health aides provided by an agency, consumer directed personal assistant services gives the person with the disability the responsibility for managing his or her assistant.

To be eligible for consumer directed personal care services, a person must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older, be their own guardian, and a resident of the State of Maine.
  • Have a documented disability with functional limitations, causing need for PA Services.
  • Be capable of and have the potential to manage PA's, thus demonstrating the ability to consumer direct.
  • Meet the funding criteria for either Medicaid or Home Based Care. 

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